Friday, June 15:

From 5pm         Registration, mix and mingle (cash bar available)

 6pm                   Dinner (included if living-in)

 7pm                   Official welcome & keynote address.

 Saturday, June 16:

9-10.30am:        Haiku Master Class with Jim Kacian

10.30-11am        Morning tea

11am-Noon         Workshops:

Option 1:  Haiku as Performance  with Owen Bullock  or

Option 2:  Haiku, Haibun & Everyday Things with Dr Lawrence Marceau

 Noon-1pm           Lunch

 1pm                      Board bus for Katikati

1.45-3.45pm        Ginko/walk at Haiku Pathway

3.45pm                  Board bus for Tauranga

 4.30pm                 Arrive Tauranga (display kukai haiku for voting)

 5.30-6.30pm        Dinner

 7pm                        A free public event including Katikati Haiku Contest prizegiving, guest speaker & open mike.

Sunday, June 17:

9-10am                  Workshops

Option 3:  Introduction to Renku with Sandra Simpson or

Option 4:  Tanka with Beverley George

10-10.30am           Morning tea

 10.30-noon           Haibun Master Class with Jim Kacian

 Noon-12.45pm      Q&A with panel; official farewell

 12.45-1.15pm        Lunch; festival ends.

Venue is the Greerton Motor Inn, Tauranga.

Our Workshops

Option 1: Haiku as Performance with Owen Bullock
This workshop is aimed at giving participants not only the confidence to stand up and read their work in public but also at providing a few “how to” tips to impart maximum enjoyment for your audience.

Please bring a few of your own haiku that have been published to use for practice.

Option 2: Haiku, Haibun & Everyday Things with Lawrence Marceau
Yokoi Yayū (1702-1783) found time between his duties as a senior official in service of the Owari Domain to put down on paper short vignettes, combining prose and haiku verses, of his life around him. Continuing this practice for nearly 30 years after his retirement at age 52, Yayū composed over 300 short haibun (haiku-inspired prose), many of which were published after his death as Uzuragoromo or the Mottled Quail Cloak.

Several of these vignettes will be introduced to workshop participants who will have an opportunity to “wrap” their own haiku verses in a “cloak” of haibun.

Option 3: Introduction to Renku with  Sandra Simpson
 After a brief introduction to some of the renku forms, ranging from the 2-person 4-verse yotsomono to the 36-verse kasen, participants will be led through the writing of a junicho, a 12-verse poem.

There will be much opportunity for learning as the group navigates the strict rules inherent in any renku but, as in the ancient days, the emphasis will be on fun.

Option 4: Exploring Tanka with Beverley George

In this workshop participants will briefly explore the origins of this genre, and discuss why across 1300 years and a very different culture, it has relevance to poets writing in English today.

Several modern tanka will be examined, before the group moves on to a writing exercise. Participants will receive a handout which will include examples of waka (early tanka) and some guidelines for writing this very satisfying genre.

Note: Master Classes with Jim Kacian are for all particpants and will be suitable for all levels, from beginner to advanced.

Our Tutors

Owen Bullock is a past editor of Kokako, author of the haiku collection Wild Camomile and a tutor for the online creative writing course at Waiariki Institute of Technology in Rotorua. He is also a keen folk musician and enjoys performing haiku in public. Owen judged the 2011 NZPS Junior Haiku Contest.

Beverley George is a past president of HaikuOz, an award-winning poet, long-time editor of Yellow Moon and is the founding editor of Eucalypt, Australia’s first journal for tanka only. She convened the 4th Haiku Pacific Rim conference in NSW in 2009, a few weeks later attending the 6th International Tanka Festival in Tokyo. At the time of the festival she will have recently returned from leading a literary tour of Japan.

Jim Kacian (USA) is an award-winning haiku poet, owner of Red Moon Press (the largest publisher of haiku in English) and founder of The Haiku Foundation. He is considered one of the leading writers of haiku in English and is a regular speaker at haiku events around the world. He is coming to New Zealand especially for HFA2012.

Lawrence Marceau is a senior lecturer in Japanese at the University of Auckland and at the time of the HFA will have recently returned from a six-month stint at Kyoto University as a Visiting International Scholar in the Department of Japanese Language & Literature.

Sandra Simpson is an award-winning haiku poet, a member of the Katikati Haiku Pathway Committee and editor of Haiku NewZ. She has contributed to several renku online, including the winning triparshva in the 2010 Journal of Renga & Renku contest. In 2011 she led her first junicho and contributed to a book of yotsomono (forthcoming) as an invited writer.


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